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Photographer Masterclass



Take your photography to the next level.

Book a 2 to 3 hours private photographic training session with Johnathan Andrews.

What to expect from the masterclass?

The contents can be tailored and could include:

  • lighting
  • post-production
  • camera settings
  • technical principles and approaches
  • creative composition
  • posing the model
  • and much more …

What is required?

  • Provide your own camera and lenses.
  • The session will be in Johnathan’s studio and his lighting equipment can be used – unless you want to bring your own.
  • Bring your own model, but a model can be arranged at an additional cost.

I am an amateur and beginner in photography. Can I book a session?

  • Yes, beginners and amateurs can book a session. You have to have your own camera and lenses though.
  • The session will be geared to cater for you from a beginners perspective.


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