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Apply to be a #ToCaptureTheEssence Professional Model

Submitting a Professional Model Eligibility Application
An exciting and rewarding journey awaits you!
  • Models aged 18 to 28 can apply.
  • Submit up to 5 photos with your application.
  • Your application will be reviewed within 5 working days and you are notified if your application has passed the initial screening, or whether it was unsuccessful.
  • If your application passes the screening phase you will be contacted to schedule an interview at the studio.
  • If you are selected as model, you will have the opportunity to plan and discuss the series of shoots with photographer Johnathan Andrews to create your photo feature and model portfolio.
  • Your photo feature can be searched and browsed on the website and you can get booked as model at a reasonable fee which we negotiate with a client.
  • Model fees you can earn vary from R250 to R650 and more per hour, depending on the assignment.
  • Modelling can be done on a part time or full time basis.
  • Selected shoots will be featured in the #TCTE Magazine for powerful publicity.
Being a #ToCaptureTheEssence Professional Model & shoots
The idea is to develop you into an Alternative Model Icon.
  • A shoot concept or theme is designed to capture your essence.
  • Shoots progress from fully clothed to semi-, covered-, or fully-nude.
  • Studio or location shoots are done - depends on the concept.
  • No modelling experience required - just passion, be expressive and be comfortable in front of the camera!
  • If the first shoot is a success, you can look forward to the following phases in your #TCTE journey, each packed with opportunity, rewards, money you could earn and of course many shoots.
What does it cost and what do I get if I am selected?
Develop a modelling career (part time or full time) as alternative model.
  • The aim is to build a diverse modelling portfolio for you, provide coaching and promote you as model to develop your career as model with the aim of earning money.
  • To do your first shoot, create your online profile and to be listed and signed for paid modelling work, you need to invest in this exciting opportunity to launch your career as model by paying the joining fee.
  • The full fee can either be settled in one payment or paid monthly:
    • Settle the full fee in one payment: R5950.
    • Pay a deposit of R1250 and the balance in 8 monthly payments of R795 each.
  • Various shoots are done with models (between 3 and 5 shoots) to provide photographic modelling training and to develop their model portfolios.
  • Selected models can be featured in a #TCTE Magazine article and get powerful publicity to launch their modelling careers.
  • For every shoot you get a set of 5 to 10 photos or more that you can use for non-commercial portfolio purposes. The photos are usually branded with the #ToCaptureTheEssence logo.
  • An additional set of photos is also supplied at times, which can be used specifically for social media posts to promote your photo feature.
  • The fee also includes promotion, management and representation when dealing with clients for the entire term that you are signed as a #TCTE model.
  • Your portfolio is also created on two major online model advertising portals for additional publicity.
How can I earn money?
  • Your portfolio can be listed:
    • Photos from your shoots are used to create a photo feature and portfolio of you, and the photo feature is your model listing.
    • Your photo feature can be searched and browsed on the website and you can get booked as model at a reasonable fee which we negotiate with a client.
    • Your portfolio is also listed and promoted on two major online model promotion platforms.
    • Model fees you can earn vary from R250 to R650 and more per hour, depending on the assignment.
    • Modelling can be done on a part time or full time basis.
  • Train to become brand ambassador:
    • Various shoots are done and training is provided to develop as model and to become brand ambassador.
    • From the start the aim is to get a model involved with exciting promotional projects which have earning potential.
  • Learn Digital Photography:
    • As part of the benefits of being selected as model, you have the option to take three training sessions at a discounted training fee to learn the principles of photography.
    • The aim of the photography training is to teach a model to use a digital SLR camera and to inspire the model to pursue photography as an additional means of income.
    • The three sessions will be fundamental training and additional advanced training is also available on request.
What is the photography training about?
Learn Digital Photography:
  • As part of the benefits of being a selected model you receive 3 photographic training sessions at a fee of R1950 (the normal cost is R990 per session).
  • Ideally you have a digital SLR camera for this (or one for you to use during training can be provided).
  • The aim of the photography training sessions is to teach you important fundamentals of photography, to inspire you to pursue photography as a possible means to supplement you income as model, and to inspire artistic expression.
  • Also to improve your understanding as model of photography.
More about alternative modelling and semi-, covered, and full-nudes.

Alternative modeling is a branch of the modeling industry that features models who do not conform to mainstream ideals of beauty. Alternative models are often niche-specific, with a personal style that represents subcultures like goth, steampunk, fetishism or even hippie. An alternative model may, for example, be tattooed, pierced, or have other body modifications, have distinctively subcultural hair such as being shaved, dyed a distinctively unnatural color etc. Alternative modeling can be clothed or unclothed. In the #ToCaptureTheEssence theme, the shoots progress from fully clothed to semi-, covered-, or full-nude. Alternative modeling was given substantial mainstream media coverage in the last decade, partly through the creation and popularization of community-based alternative modeling paysites, like GodsGirls and SuicideGirls. Alternative modeling community sites usually promote their models for their personality as well as for their looks and portfolio.

In the #ToCaptureTheEssence context semi-, covered-, and full-nude means the following:

Semi-nude: The model wears some clothing or accessories during the shoot. E.g. she will wear shorts and no shirt, but her nude breasts are not captured in the photo because arms would cover her breasts or her back would be facing the camera. Another example is where a shoot is done and the model only wears an unbuttoned long shirt however no nude breasts or groin area is captured as the shirt would conceal.

Covered-nude: The model would be naked but no uncovered breasts, nipples or groin area would be captured. She would be posed or styled in such a way that even though she is naked, nude breasts, nipples and groin are not shown.

Full-nude: The model would be naked and her nude breasts and nipples would be captured. The model's groin area would in some photos be covered by e.g. the models hand and/or leg position, and in some photos will not be covered by a hand or leg positions - note that #ToCaptureTheEssence does not capture explicit spread shots and obscenities. If it is agreed that a full-nude shoot will be done, then details of the extent of nudity is discussed before the shoot.

Johnathan Andrews
Johnathan Andrews
Johnathan Andrews

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