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Johnathan Andrews

Create your own #ToCaptureTheEssence shoot

Work on your own shoot ideas with Johnathan Andrews and set your creative spirit free!

What is #ToCaptureTheEssence?
  • A creative project by Johnathan Andrews to capture female beauty, passion and expression.
  • The medium could either be stills photography or a video production (or both) of a model.
Who should be booking a #ToCaptureTheEssence shoot?
  • If you are 18 years of age and older you can commission a shoot. 
  • You must be in shape, have a beautiful face, slim body, no long artificial nails.
  • You could have tattoos and piercings, or none.
  • You can be a first time model because no modelling experience is required. Just be comfortable in front of the camera.
  • If you are keen to do photo shoots during which you will work with Johnathan to capture what makes you beautiful and unique. The shoots are nothing ordinary. A shoot aims to artistically capture who you are - even if it means to do a series of shoots, make a video or develop an elaborate creative concept to convey a message abstractly.
  • You are not shy and have a sense of adventure. A shoot can be fully clothed, or generally starts fully clothed and progresses to semi-nude, covered-nude or full-nude, so you have to be OK with that - note however: no explicit sexual imagery, spread shots, penetration or any obscenities whatsoever are featured - only tasteful, artistic and world class photography!

If you would like to discuss a shoot, please send an email to

Commission your own #ToCaptureTheEssence shoot now!

  1. Rates exclude travel an accommodation in cases where Johnathan has to travel to you, or if you have to travel to SA.
  2. Fees are payable in full before a shoot will be confirmed.
  3. A selection of all the photos from a shoot will be provided in JPEG format and from each shoot up to 60 images (depending on the package you choose) are perfectly processed, edited and supplied in high resolution JPEG format.
  4. If your package includes a video, it will be in full HD 1920X1080 and supplied as a DVD as well as an electronic file.
  5. Rates exclude stylist for make-up and hair, wardrobe, location fees and props.
  6. The Fine Art prints included in each package are printed on high quality TECCO 230gsm acid free paper (or similar).
  7. Shooting hours can be spread throughout a day to e.g. take advantage of optimal lighting conditions for location shoots.
  8. If a shoot is done in Johannesburg, we can make use of my studio at no extra charge for some or all of the shoots. The rates exclude the hire of a studio and/or studio equipment if a shoot is done at a different location and you prefer to include some studio work.

Option 1
ZAR8000 / US$550

  • Photographic shoot.
  • Shoot for +-3 hours.
  • Receive +-50 images from the shoot, including up to 10 perfectly edited images.
  • -
  • -
  • -

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Option 2
ZAR35000 / US$2350

  • One day photographic shoot.
  • Shoot for 4 to 6 hours.
  • Receive +-100 images from the shoot, including up to 30 perfectly edited images.
  • 24 page A3 size photo book.
  • 4 Fine art photographic prints.
  • -

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Option 3
ZAR65000 / US$4350

  • Once day photographic & video shoot.
  • Shoot for 4 to 6 hours.
  • Receive +-200 images from the shoot, including up to 60 perfectly edited images.
  • 52 page A3 size photo book.
  • 8 Fine art photographic prints.
  • +-2 to 5 minute creative video.

Booking Enquiry

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