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Johnathan Andrews

Johnathan Andrews

Johnathan Andrews is a versatile photographer, documentary filmmaker, founder of the Johnathan Andrews Academy and freelance journalist.

His passion for photography developed long before 1997 when he created his first image of the Acropolis in Athens and his work has since evolved into a complex operation which now also includes film making.

Johnathan’s work has over the years been transformed into 9 publications of the journal entitled Voyage of the Planet as well as numerous documentary films shot in various countries including Israel, Jordan, West Bank/Palestine, Egypt and Uganda. During 2010 he published a book in the USA entitled A Collection of Photographic Works. In 2012 Johnathan published the book Creating a Photography Portfolio, which received the first prize in the International Book Awards in Los Angeles.

The Johnathan Andrews School of Photography (JASP) was established in 2008 after he received an invitation from a department of the University of South Africa to compile a course in Digital Photography for internal training. To date he has presented training to hundreds of individuals through JASP and in 2011 he presented his first course on invitation, Introduction to Cinematography, at UNISA under the university’s Chance to Advance programme.

During the period 2006 to 2009 Johnathan traveled Israel extensively, independently as well as with groups of Biblical Archaeology students from UNISA and is intimately acquainted with the region. His field of study includes Biblical Archaeology offered at the university’s Department of Old Testament & Ancient Near Eastern Studies.

He was awarded the Licentiateship Distinction (2010) and the Associateship Distinction (2013) by the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain for photographic excellence.

During 2015 Johnathan develops the Theory of APIS (Theory of Applied Photographic Inspiration) which is based on a simple hybrid mathematical calculation which can be applied within the creative realms of photography. He also published the book Classic Passion (a+b)… in which he showcases elements of the Theory of APIS.

As a frequent guest on radio talk shows Johnathan shares his passion for photography and is often a speaker at events on the topic.

Johnathan is immersed in the continuous process of evolving his photography and creative imagery, and challenges himself with the constant quest of “capturing the essence” and “telling the deepest story”.


#tocapturetheessence was founded by Johannesburg based photographer, Johnathan Andrews, and is dedicated to capturing and featuring female beauty, passion and expression. Many images and videos from shoots are featured on this website to members only.

The first #tocapturetheessence shoot was done during 2014 and this website is the result of much development of the concept to finally be able to present it in this format.

Become a member of the website  to have access to exclusive content! Members also enjoy access to great deals and exclusive offers from photo books of our most popular shoots, to various merchandise. Members need to be 18 years or older to join. Become A Member

The criteria to become a model (models must be 18 years and older) includes that models need to have unique qualities and can very well be “the girl next door” – tattoos, piercings, different hair etc. “Alternative” models. Urban culture. What sets you apart? Apply to become a model

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